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[04 Sep 2006|08:03am]
Oh, Steve Irwin. I shall forever miss your crazy sense of humour, and your awesome conservationist ways.

I shall forever watch your insanely bad movie, and think about you reaching your arm in that big pile of Crocodile poo, to get that...electro..thingie out. Hopefully, the movie will not be your legacy. 'Cause it's pretty bad.

And, I shall forever treasure the pictures I have of my Crocodile Hunter birthday cake, and the little PVC figure of you that was on top. It says stuff that you always used to say, "Crikey," and "Ain't she a Beaut?," and other Irwin sayings.

And I shall wear my Crocodile Hunter t-shirts as a statement of my love for you. Because, love keeps giving, even after death.

I still have that big, like 8 foot tall poster of you that I embarassed myself to ask for at The Discovery Channel store. They thought I was stupid, and I felt so dumb carrying it out of the mall. But, oh it's so cool.

:( :( :(.

I am very sad. Honestly, I think this is very tragic. And I hope Terri, Bindi Sue, and Bob aren't hounded by the media. And I hope they stop showing clips of Steve "dangling" Bob over a crocodile. As it's starting to piss me off. Heaven forbid we not bring up the controversial crap again right after he dies.

Friends Only, yay. [25 Jan 2006|09:43pm]
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Look, I made the ugliest Friends Only banner ever! I'm so proud! And, yes it's a Friends Friends Only banner. I'm just *that* cool. /sarcasm.

Anyway, I've had this thing for like 2 years now, and never bothered to put up one of these even though my journal has almost always been FO.

And it's not that I expect people will want to be friends with me randomly, but I really hate the idea of my journal looking all blank and pathetic. So now it just looks pathetic!

Yeah, if you're on my flist now, just totally ignore this, ok? Thanks <3.
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[25 Oct 2005|07:39pm]
Kimli Pan: RoXGheTToBooTie: omg Cami gave me a link to the first season of Ghost Hunters avaliable on DVD im like OMGYOURULE
Kimli Pan: XDDD
Kimli Pan: Cami finds everything.
Kimli Pan: She's like... Queen of the DVD's.
Kimli Pan: Not just DVD's.
Kimli Pan: She sees all.
Kimli Pan: I'm impressed. XD
RoXGheTToBooTie: I've been looking for that

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